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We create the reality

Science Club of Robotics „Robocik” is a student organization on the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Our main goal is to create solutions which make life easier by enjoying science.

Students’ enthusiasm coupled with academic professionalism has brought innovation – not once!


Development of each member by group cooperation – this is our main thought.


Our goal is to make an improvement of competence synonymous to the fun.


Visionary, cooperation, integration, science, motivation.


Pioneering project – PWr Diving Crew

Underwater robot

Engineering of underwater vehicles is a niche, but very relevant branch of science. We develop a series of robots, which work in the water. Their potential usage is huge: from exploration and rescue missions to military actions.


Education of young people is a big thing. In the last year we, taught more than 500 hours of programming and engineering. We trained above than 700 people!

We are a team

Together we are changing the reality. By organic structures we develop our skills. We are all aware that group can achieve more than each one of us.

Atlas MK1

A prototype, remote controlled vehicle by the Xbox pad. System collects signal from controller, changes its values and scale them to optimise a speed of communication. Then, it transmits it to the receiver on the vehicle.


We associate students from different faculties, which exchange their experience. By power of diversity we are able to analise problems from many points of view and solve them.


New face of the industry

The Majer17

With Fourth Industrial Revolution robotics has achieved a new quality. We are forming likewise its innovative shapes. Our industrial robot distinguish itself by light corpus made by 3D printing and advanced machine vision.

Our Crew

We are ambitious students who do not know what is impossible. In our organisation each one of us play its role. However, we succeed not only by structures. Power lies in individualisms!


Członek "Wymagajcie od siebie choćby inni od was nie wymagali."


In our organisation electronics deal with designing integrated circuits such as power suppliers or engine controllers. And it comes to that programming of microcontrollers e.g. from STM32 family.


Our programmers use high-level languages for tasks such as image analysis, data transmission, and control algorithms. We are also familiar with methods of artificial intelligence!


In the field of mechanics, we carry out projects in SolidWorks and Inventor systems. We are also exploring modern manufacturing technologies in practice.



Contact us!

Headquarters of Science Cluf of Robotics „Robocik”

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
5 Łukasiewicza st., bld. B-9, r.40
50-371 Wroclaw, Poland